About Beauterre Boer Goat Stud


AboutUsIt had been a long held dream for Pieter and Caroline to run a farm of their own. Pieter had worked on farms from the age of 10, but followed his father’s advice to get a trade qualification first before starting farming. Caroline is a farmer’s daughter, who grew up around animals and travelled extensively with her family looking at both farming practices and animals around the world with her Father who was an agricultural consultant.

They had a hobby farm while they established a family and careers, but they never lost sight of their dream, and once their children were grown they finally bought a farm in North East Victoria.

Having owned a small herd of around 20 Boer goats in the past it was an easy choice to decide to breed Boers on their new farming enterprise. After much research they purchased an initial herd of high quality registered Boer goats from leading studs and established Beauterre Boer Goat Stud.

Caroline’s background in nursing and high attention to detail, combined with Pieter’s practical knowledge has complemented their mutual love for Boer goats. The result is contented and heathy goats who reach their full potential in terms of growth and development.


PropertyBeauterre Boer Goat Stud is located in the foothills of the beautiful King Valley in North East Victoria. With an altitude of around 400m above sea level, the area has extremes of both warm and cool temperatures – well below 0 in winter and above 40 degrees Celsius in the Summer.

This means Beauterre Boer Goats need to be hardy and are well adapted to varied conditions. Average rainfall is greater than 1000mm/year and the property also has good spring water plus dams and creeks ensuring access to quality water at all times.

Over 170 acres of rich volcanic soils support both improved pasture and native bush, allowing the goats to enjoy a variety of vegetation to browse and feed on all year round.

Pieter and Caroline selected the property specifically for running Boer goats, and each paddock has its own shed both for protection from the elements and from predators, ensuring the goats stay healthy and safe.


GeneticsBeauterre Boer Goat Stud was established with the purchase of only high quality full blood registered goats. The foundation does were from both Brenton Park and Ghin Ghin studs and the initial stock was completed with the addition of bucks purchased from Micathel and Mugambi stud bloodlines.

Each year Beauterre goats improve in quality, and Pieter and Caroline are always on the lookout for new bloodlines to introduce into the herd to add strength and genetic quality.


The main goal of Beauterre Boer Goat Stud is to ensure an ever improving herd of top quality Boer goats.

This is achieved by keeping sound confirmation to breed standards, breeding animals with gentle friendly temperaments and desirable attributes, and maintaining healthy, happy productive goats.


AccomplishmentsPieter and Caroline’s goal is to breed healthy and happy goats that excel in breed attributes and conformation. They are proud of their goats and enjoy people coming for farm visits to look at the goats and the set-up of the farm.

They welcome any objective assessment of their animals and they are confident in both the quality of their goats and the nurturing they receive throughout their lifetime. Beauterre Boer Goats have been sold as foundation stock and as additional quality stock for breeding programs both domestically and internationally.

Breeding Philosophy

Breeding philosophyPieter and Caroline believe that excellence in breeding is achieved through a combination of superior genetics and a supportive environment in which the animals are allowed to reach their full potential.

Beauterre strives to breed goats which will pass on good genes to their offspring, improving with each generation. Extensive records are kept and each animal assessed according to desirable attributes including breed standards, growth rates, fertility, mothering ability and temperament.

Always the best goats are selected to breed the next generation.

Hand in hand with genetics are good management and animal husbandry practices. All goats have access to optimal monitoring, nutrition and health care throughout their lifetime. The kids are dam raised wherever possible to give them the best start in life. Pieter and Caroline love to see the mums and babies doing what comes naturally, and their does make wonderful nurturing mothers that typically kid with few problems.

Kids are usually born in sheds where a safe birth can be monitored away from predators, and time allowed for important bonding before they join the main herd. Beauterre goats then stay in family groups with their mothers, grandmothers, aunts and cousins as they would do in the wild, preserving herd stability.

The goats are raised in large paddocks with fresh water and both pasture and natural vegetation giving them perfect dietary balance, they are supplemented only if needed. Looking after their goats is of top priority to Pieter and Caroline and each goat is individually monitored and checked on a daily basis ensuring every animal is maintained in good health and condition at all times.